Rock Faces Illusion

Optical illusion of depressed faces in the rocks.
Rock Faces Illusion

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3 Responses to “Rock Faces Illusion”

  1. habiba


  2. Olivia

    TOTALLY PHOTOSHOPPED GUYS!!! Look at the far right on the photo and the PERFECT nose n chin n forehead apparently ‘protruding’ from said cliff side!!! No no no!!!! And the face also a nose etc (profile sorry) from the cliff face just before that one on the right of the front on faces- so OBVIOUSLY photoshopped it’s silly!!!!

  3. Olivia

    I mean it would be nice to fall down such a cliff via those perfectly curved noses n lips!!! Given that usually cliffs are rugged, sharp and more than a little dangerous- its just amazing how softly curved these ‘natural mother nature formed -WEATHERED- terrain is!!!!