Multiple Meaning Optical Illusions

Optical illusions happen when the brain perceives an object in such a way that it does not matches with its actual physical attributes. Naturally occurring optical illusions are found in the nature. When we look at the sky, it seems to be flat; finding a mirage in the desert is also an optical illusion; looking at the moon and feeling that it is moving is another natural optical illusion. The eyes look at an object and send the information about it to the brain. The brain then processes the information. Optical illusions have been widely used by the artists since ages. Some of the optical illusions have been used in such a way that the onlookers are not aware of it and in some creations; the optical illusion has been used consciously. Multiple meaning illusions are those which convey two different meanings. When the viewers look at these illusions from far, these seem to be showing something else. When looked at from near, the viewers will find that it conveys or shows something else. This optical illusion is used for simple fun and to convey some strong message to the onlookers. What can be most grabbing to a viewer than a cleverly designed optical illusion? One of such multiple meaning optical illusions is the water dances painted by Rob Gonsalves, who is a Canadian painter. When one looks at it from far, it seems to be waterfall but when looked at from close, these are dancing girls.

Books Illusion


Books Illusion-ml24

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Car & Bike Illusion


Car & Bike Illusion-mo19

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Rubin Vase


Rubin Vase-123i

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Ambiguous Figure


Ambiguous Figure-123i

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Kanizsa’s Triangle


Kanizsa's Triangle-123i

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Black & White Illusion Photo


Black & White Illusion Photo-123i

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Tiger Face Illusion


Tiger Face Illusion-123i

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The Face of A Cat


The Face of A Cat-123i

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Bulb Illusion


Bulb Illusion-123i

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Gestalt Figure Ground


Gestalt Figure Ground-123i

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